Don’t Worry Be Happy

Once in a while we attend presentations that are striking enough to make us try to remember every detail, genuine enough to make us smile and laugh in a simple way and impressive enough to motivate us to read the protagonist’s book and study deeper his subject… Well today I attended an amazing presentation by Eduardo Punset about The Dimensions of Happiness.

So he first defined happiness as a journey empty of any fear. And then went on explaining the relation between Love and happiness. He stopped a bit to insist on the direct correlation between the happiness and the mental and physical health. And ended by briefly mentioning both synthetic (related to positive thinking) and natural happiness.

I wish I could summarize these two shorts hours but my fear is some information or feeling will be missing and misinterpreted, so I will just like to recommend to all those that read Spanish this blog: ¬†and to those that don’t , Eduardo Punset’s new book entitles “Excuses for not thinking”.

Happy Soraya

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