Discover Achrafieh

Discover Achrafieh with an Almaza...

“Discover Achrafieh” is the name of the day! On September 2nd and for the first time Achrafieh (the residential area in Beirut) was a pedestrian area… I loved the initiative and the work that was done. Some people said they used too much space, some others were bothered because it was difficult for them to get their cars out of their homes, but most of them were walking around with big smiles and hopefully happy thoughts… Anyway, I was :)

The idea behind it is to have a greener and calmer Achrafieh, with less traffic and stress, by encouraging the inhabitants to use less often their cars and more often greener means of transportation.

Yesterday Achrafieh was full of bike riders, runners, social walkers, families and young ones… We all gathered there to enjoy the different activities, smile to neighbors, discover new artists, share good food or get competitive over board games.

My favorite spots were (1) Carlo’s spot with the small grass area, Almaza, Talweh (backgammon), small wicker chairs, stupid clowns, fun people and a great ambiance; And (2) the Tawlet Souk el Tayyib food court… I even had a Kebbeh bel Sanniyeh for breakfast (minced meet cooked the Lebanese way).Some of my friends preferred the artisitic stop… I can imagine those with kids were happy to be in the kid’s section… I met a girl that enrolled in both Yoga and Zumba classes and liked them… I, for my part, was happy to walk around and chitchat with someone I cherish and haven’t had the occasion to catch up with…

Manoucheh 3al saj (Lebanese crepe being prepared)

If I go to sports it is to be able to enjoy these yummy specialities with a clear conscience…

Jars filled with Lebanese sweet and salty specialtiesA friend noticed the car and flowers were matching  and took the picture...

I hope to walk around these streets very soon again with you dear friend… It was fun =)

Relieved and grateful Soraya


PS: For more picture of that day, check their Facebook page here

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