Copenhagen, 4 Days of Civilisation, Eye Candy, Danish Art Galleries and Molecular and Street Food

Amazing Tivoli in the Heart of the CityKids games are fun

Pretty Tivoli

The Tivoli Gardens Boys: On special occasion, boys from 8 to 16 dress up in uniforms resembling those of the Royal Danish Guard, give concerts and make parades

Copenhagen, This is the Typical Entrance of Tivoli Gardens

But when going to Copenhagen I did not know I would be accessing Tivoli Gardens from this door

Copenhagen amazed me a lot in so many different ways: (1) Their definition of comfort and luxury is very different than that of other cities in my opinion, (2) they have yummy street propositions and very good healthy molecular food restaurants, (3) everyone is good looking there and looks super sporty and healthy, (4) the city is the utmost representation of civilization and human development… only to name a few of the city’s characteristics that made me want to write this post.

It all started when we checked in at the Nimb Hotel. (Probably the best place to stay in Copenhagen). The entrance is simple and a bit minimalistic, it’s kind of small as well… But on the way to the room I realized how big the hotel was… Actually what you see (picture above) is the back door of the hotel and the hotel’s garden is actually the Tivoli Gardens.

On my way to the room

So after we discovered the discreet and amazing charm of the hotel, we went on a ride to Louisiana… Louisiana is maybe 30 minutes away by car from Copenhagen center. We ended up with a driver than knew more about the world’s history and culture then any guide I’ve ever spent time with. He was the type of driver/guide we always wish for and rarely get, his voice had the perfect tone, he didn’t over speak, had all the information we wanted to have plus some cute stories about his country, the Danish royal family and Louisiana and played calm jazz music.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was called after the owner’s three wives. They were all named Louise. (I absolutely love this name). It is today a milestone in Danish architecture and the most visited museum in Denmark. It’s permanent collection of contemporary and modern art is very interesting. Also, exhbitions are regularly held. When we were there Yoko Ono’s art was exhibited (not my style but I was still happy to see it).

On the way back we took the Clumpen Borg road. It’s a high end seaside area. I recommend this ride to everyone.We also toured a bit the city (we were with the cool driver/guide, we had to enjoy it to the max), were disappointed by the little mermaid, smiled to the bicycle riders, admired their culture, cheered at the IronMan athletes and headed back to the hotel! Just in Time for diner =)

I had a list of restaurants I would have liked to try, here it is:

- For diner, trendy fusion/molecular: Radio, Geist

- For diner, trendy, not so molecular:  Kong Hans Kælder

- For diner, interesting food: Relae, Amass

- For diner, a great experience of food and luxury: Geranium

- For drinks: Ved Standen

- Noma restaurant! According to several guides the best restaurant in the World. I wonder how they classify this. We didn’t have the chance to have diner there, it was fully booked 5 month ago.

We only tried some, but I think all these places are definitely worth considering for diner in Copenhagen.

But what is also worth indulging are these little magical all-carbs-all-sugar wonders you find everywhere on the streets…

Danish waffles on a stick

I write on an empty stomach… Thus the long food talk!

But apart from the yummy food, there are a lot of nice places/boutiques/areas that I really enjoyed:

- Georg Jensen Boutique on Amagertorv for jewelry and home furniture

- Illums Bolighus on Amagertorv for home furniture and fun accessories

- Royal Copenhagen Flagskibsbutik (flagship boutique) on Amagertorv as well for porcelain and some home furniture

- Designers Boutique Charlote Eskindler for inernational a bit arty-high taste in fashion

- Day Birger and Mikkelsen, a Danish fashion brand I liked

- Wood Wood for international fashion but with a very danish buyer ;)

- Munthe Plus Simonsen, a danish fashion brand worth looking into

But of course during every shopping and galleries day you need a food stop :) (again the empty stomach speaking). So I propose you stop by either Lagkagehuset for a typical danish pastry or have a healthier lunch at Victor (a danish brasserie. I had a tasty fish that day).

All this food talk made my tummy speak even louder, I therefore have to stop here, but promise to be back very soon…

Lots and Lots of Love,


Ps: Some extra pics:

Lego pieces sold separately, only in Copenhagen :)

Small chocolate factory and shop

Copenhagen Lifestyle

Why Peter Pan did not want to grow up

Freeze these Rocks! It’s smarter than ice cubes I think

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