Bouyouti… I feel “Bi Beyti” (at home)

On our way in, this is what we saw with a big smile. Secretly we both hoped the other had a lot of fun stories to tell while relaxing around this pool

Sunday morning my close friend and I decided to spend the night in the Chouf area… Chouf is probably the most protected and authentic area of Lebanon… It’s green, the old houses are still as charming, the trees in the morning have a special smell and the people super welcoming…

But the most welcoming of them all are the 5 members of the Bouyouti Family… Let’s call them the Bouyoutis for now…

For those of you that don’t speak Arabic, Bouyouti mean “my homes”… But I ‘m sure if you had been there you would have figured it out on your own…

So anyway, now that I’ve put you in context, I would like to show you some pictures of my charming Sunday getaway hoping to give you some ideas of what to do next week-end in Lebanon…

Going down the stairs this is what was waiting for us

Eor the little lonely donkey

After a relaxing morning around the pool, the Bouyoutis invited us to share their yummy lunch, the Bouyouti’s son then nicely showed us around, needless to say I wanted to steal some fruits and my friend was tempted to kidnap two of their beautiful dogs (but it would be too boring to show you all the pictures, I need to keep some stuff secret to show after my second trip)…

That night we had diner in the Mir Amine Hotel (a house the Emir Bashir built for one of his three sons), enjoying a tasteful arguileh (chicha) and a breathtaking view…

With a lot of happy thoughts, a hug to the bouyoutis, and thousand kisses to my friend, I leave you hoping you will be smarter than me next you go and remember to take pretty pictures of the charming personalized breakfast,


8 thoughts on “Bouyouti… I feel “Bi Beyti” (at home)

        1. Hi Soraya,

          The number +961 3 544848 is wrong :)
          Could you possibly have the right number because I have been looking for it and couldn’t find it anywhere.


  1. I need to know what can you offer for honeymooners as a package for 2 days : 06 august check in and 08 August check out

    Awaiting your detailed offer

    Thank you and best regards

    1. Dear Jana,
      I only wrote the article… But I am sure they have a lot of interesting packages… I will give them your email and suggest they get back to you with an offer… What do you think? does that sound convenient to you?
      Kind regards,

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