Balsam, Organizing a Charity Event in Skybar, September 11th 2012

I love it when different worlds meet in one place, for one cause or one occasion…

 And this time, I am looking forward for the 11th of September. Skybar (where usually the young and trendy meet) will be hosting an event for the charity organization “Balsam“… I am excited to see the fashion show that will be organized (I can already see the man’s eyes following the models, and the women staring at the items imagining themselves in this or that dress), to taste the food (hopefully not too salty and sweet enough to make me ask for more), and to enjoy the great music (it’s always super appropriate and just perfect there :) ).

However, I’d like to share with you a small secret… For the tombola I’m not scared at all, I know I will be wining something, I always do :)… Let’s just hope I’ll get some of the top ones ;).

If any one of you will be there on that night, don’t forget to drop me an email at We might share desert or just “chin chin” to happy faces, tough work, humble people, hard working ones and of course tender moments…

Hoping this night will be a great success and hoping it will contribute in helping people in need and put a smile on everyone’s faces :)

Soraya, always full of hopes…

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