I’ve been talking out Alacati (small town in Turkey) for the past week, and everyone has been asking me for pictures, recommendations and ideas… So I decided to write it here, it’s faster for me, less good for your memory but definitely better for your next trip to Turkey…

So Wikipedia’s first phrase for Alacati is “Alacati is a unique Aegean town on the western coast of Izmir Province in Turkey, which has been famous for its architecture, vineyards and windmills for over 150 years. It has now made its name in the world of windsurfing and kitesurfing, with its crystal clear water, consistent and steady wind and well acclaimed hospitality.”

But I had not read this before going, and to tell you the truth I went there a bit tired and not expecting anything other than long hours of work in a tiring environment.

On the plane to istanbul (connecting there)

So after connecting flights, a long drive and a fun long meeting… I got to the charming Padma boutique hotel… It’s a hotel with 8 bedrooms and the bedrooms could be recognized by the colors on the key-chains.

The lavenders at the entrance of Padma Hotel
The charming Padma Boutique Hotel

I liked this picture… It’s one I took from the Hotel’s main door…So after a long day during which I tried all the different means of transportation, we had dinner on the port… Fresh fish and an adorable view….

We then decided to go on a walk in this Greek -Turkish town… The nice thing about it is that there shops close at 1:00 or 2:00 am: perfect for shopping! The boutique owners or sales people have the same inviting smile at 12:30 than at noon. I liked that.

I love Olive Trees too much for me not to share this picture with you…

I unfortunately stayed there for only one night. I was there for work… but will definitely come again to tell you more stories, give you more addresses and relax and dream a bit.

Starting today it’s on my bucket list… and the kitesurfing is as well…

Please let me know if you pass by there.

Surprised and very enchanted, I send to you all and my lovely hosts warm kisses,


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