A Hidden Passion:Photography

I’ve had an amazing and long day… But before going to bed I’d like to share with you some cute trivia info I’ve learned today… The photo papers are made out of chemicals of course (but this doesn’t surprise anyone) and out of cotton or linen.

I’ve learned this today in Central Saint Martin’s… I’m enrolling in their photography summer course. The course is a full one but an intensive one… So the amount of stuff I learn everyday is huge. I can now use fairly well a Leica produced in 1936, develop my own film, adjust the proper lighting and print my personal pictures. I discovered myself a new passion, and to tell you the truth a new talent.

The 9-hour day spent in the old building’s basement passed very fast. And at 18:00 I found myself rushing to make it on time to my dance classes…

Tired and Happy Soraya

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