A Close to Perfect Day in Lebanon

The Breadth-Taking View of the Cedars, Maaser El Chouf

My past 24 hours were very close to perfect 24hours… I swam, spent a great day in the beautiful Chouf region, had a drink with my marathon friend in La Centrale (it was too fast in my opinion, we didn’t stop talking during two hours but still I could have went on for another 10 hours), and had an energizing morning coffee with my little fun friend…

The road to Chouf was a lot of fun, the scenery breadth-taking and the day charming… Here are some pictures of what I saw… But still the best pictures will always remain “Mind Pictures”.

Cute GardenThis is the extension of an old Lebanese house...
I have a feeling it will be super adorableI could sit here and not move for several long hours...... Getting ready to defend the Chouf Cedars :) It takes 12 people to hug this CedarI made a wish here...
But then again, I make wishes everywhere!
Tender moments with the Cedars
Maaser El Chouf rustic roads and alleys

So after this long relaxing day, 1:45 of driving back to Beirut, a Martguerita and n0n-stop chats I was happy to go back home and enjoy an episode of Private Practice.

I hope to get back to you with many new stories, pictures and thoughts on everything and anything,

Happily yours,


It was picture time for everyone yesterday afternoon...

PS: For info: Cedars grow in a vertical direction until the age of 80-150, they then loose their tip during the snow season and start growing horizontally and become wider and wider to become a beautiful tree like the one on our pretty Lebanese flag.

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