Limited By Time

I woke up this morning remembering this little dream I had when I was young: to have one extra hour per day during which the world would stop but I would keep on going. I then realized it’s not only a little girls’ dream, but that of so many people that the world decided to evolve in a way where we spend crazy hours at work trying to figure out how to help people gain time. We therefore went from eating home cooked meals everyday to ordering “healthy home cooked meals” for lunch, we see companies passing by houses to pick up the laundry, students get their MBAs by attending virtual classes at random hours… And we switched to online shopping (and thank God for that). I wonder how I would have managed without it.

In light of that I would like to talk about a new website: I am their Chief Editor and follow Lebelik stories every day. The greatest thing is that not only will it help you discover new designers, and designs, but it will also simplify your life. You just choose the item you love, order it, wait for your amazing package, and wear it to that party you want to look amazing at. You can be sure, the designs are special, innovative, body conscious and of great quality. Each item and designer has their own style and story… Choose the item you love and adapt it to you.

Busy Soraya

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