I Spent Four Fun Days with Luby =)

Dear Reader,

I sat on my table this morning with a thousand thoughts and a hundred ideas… My little mind was so full  because – apart from yesterday (when I didn’t move from home the whole day) – I have had 4 super interesting days during which I shared with an almost stranger small secrets, heavy deserts, 2 pizzas, a bad diner experience, long roads, intense conversations, happy chicha moments and a blurry Polaroid picture. He got to meet my crazy family, some of my closest friends,  my mixed country and he even played with Freddy.

While having lunch, others were fishing and relaxing =)

On Saturday, we spent the day in Jbeil. I was happy to see there a mix of everything I love: my Phenician origins, my older ;) brother, an amazing jewelry entrepreneur (who by then was not a stranger anymore), beautiful friends and my talkative and loved cousin. But I think that by now, you all know about the people of my life, so I’ll take the opportunity to introduce to you Luis Feliu de la Pena. On Wednesday he was a stranger to many of us.. Still, during these 4 days we got to meet not only a great  and discreet entrepreneur (co-founder of Luby and Lemerald) (soon to be on Lebelik in Soraya’s Choice’s Section), but also a fun snowboarder, a strong athlete and a quite competitive Taboo player…

Walking in Jbeil – the old Phenician port

This charming man is most probably coming to visit again very soon, that’s when I hope I will have the chance to ask him some more concrete questions, and if I’m lucky I’ll convince him to give me an interview…

Meanwhile I hope you’ll enjoy surfing on Luby and Lemerald’s Website… I am sure you will be amazed by the beautiful pieces, the attention that was given to details and the story behind it (click here to read it).

Fashionably yours,


PS: And for those who were wondering… Meet Freddy!

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