Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Istanbul

It is the second time I find myself in a random situation on and unexpected night on the day of the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. I love it!

After spending the week in Iskenderun it was time to fly back to Beirut… The problem is I had lost my passports and had to stop by Istanbul to recuperate a “Laissez-passer”  from the Lebanese consulate… But what may have sounded as an annoying thing (loosing the passports) turned out to be a good thing in my opinion:

1. I got to know this 19-year women/girl a bit more, and I confirm to you she is super cool!

2. We spent the afternoon enjoying Istanbul’s small breeze and amazing palaces

3. We went to Vogue Fashion Nights Out… It was a lot of fun

4.We finally got our Starbucks cup we were waiting for

5. We met a nice consular

6. Shared scary stories, and romantic ones

7. We both took fun pictures

8. and learned a bit more about the Ottomans….

We had dinner on one of these cute tables with this amazing view...
In the "House" cafe in Ortakoy

During our little walk we came across this...
"Let the girls down" implying that one day they will let you down
That's what we did ;)

Elie Saab's important stand in the fancy Nisantasi 

So now you do the math, -1 for the passport versus +100 from what came of it… =)

It does not make we want to loose my passports a second time, but definitely helped me see the cup much more than half full, Thank you Camille!

Soraya happily safe in Beirut

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