Florence (continued)

So, my week-end in Florence started in the Lungarno hotel and ended with a cold, but, passed by many interesting spots, the nicest one being Lucca and the worst one being on Monday morning (I hate goodbyes in general but a goodbye + sickness is quite annoying).

I’ve spent 5 days where I felt like a Princess in Italy. My adored cousin took me out to the best places.The only problem with this is that I was so happy to be taken care of that I forgot to write down the names of the places I liked. The only two restaurants names I remember are Il Latini and Il Santo Bevitore. I remember also liking Via Dei Benci street for drinks. I came to Florence with a huge list of places to try and little shops to discover and found myself amazed by the number of the charming little shops, the impressive piazzas and the great food. Although it was not my first time in Florence, it definitely felt like it. I was like a happy kid walking on it’s streets.

The next day, my cousin had everything planed: A great hotel, a unique massage, and the keys to a Smart car! We drove up to Grotta Guisti, met 3 charming Italians in hell (a room so called inside the grotto), had diner with them, booked a super oily massage, spent the day in fascinating Lucca, lost the smart, found the smart, went in and out of 3 impressive photography exhibitions, lit a candle for those we love, shared typical Tuscan meals in all’ Olivio and drove back the next day to Florence. We then talked, talked and talked!

I wish for you all to have a cousin like mine! I love having in my life this person that is not a sister, nor a friend and not just a cousin but more like a light.

But before I leave you, I would like to share  a small picture that reminded me of Steven (mentioned in my post of the 24th of June, the one responsible of La T-Shirterie).

A presto amici,


2 thoughts on “Florence (continued)

  1. You made me want to have 3 great thing :1 – a trip in italy , 2-a great cousin that is my light :) – 3- have a bite of those sweets !
    great blog !
    Miss u loads :)

    1. Haha =) I bet you do =)
      I wish for you to have all 3 and I love that you like the blog =)
      Miss you too…. I’m happy you’re coming! We’ll get to do fun stuff here too! There are so many new places opening and a lot of fun stuff to do =)
      Can’t wait

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