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My Random October Week-End Felt Like Christmas

lights play

Christmas, apart from being a very important day for us christians, it also is a feeling! And this feeling I have been walking with for the past 3 days… It’s this feeling of love, appreciation of life and happiness… It’s about sharing food, enjoying the wine and having that one-too-many extra glass, about sharing secrets with the best friends, honest thoughts with new ones, big hopes with the dreamers and stupid laughs with those that can, like us, laugh at themselves…

I wish I were able to properly write why is it I am right now sitting and sharing my week-end when my to-do-list doesn’t fit on two post-its anymore… It is probably because this week-end, me and everyone around me, were all happy and I am doing my best to share this happiness.

These last few days, I received a baking pan from the cousin (I will try to use it tonight), a blow-dryer from the one I once thought I would never have anything to share with (and today I know which is her favorite wine, her secret dream and her shoe issues), a lucky ring from an amazing woman/friend/designer/person (let’s call her “amazing” during this post), an adorable cooking book from a brilliant photographer, a charming notebook where I will write all my sweet recipes and much more…

I have been offered my friend’s favorite bottle of wine, two long coffees (I barely drink coffee) that came with 4 hours of long discussions and again a glass of wine and much Love! I patiently chose two bathrobes for my friends, forgot to fix myself, left home in the mornings and didn’t come till after diner, happily sat in the same place from 7Pm to 1Am, and looked a bit ridiculous. Still, I think if I were to spend my week-end again, I would spend it the the exact same way

I’ve received love and I hope I gave some too…

Love Always,

Rani Zakhem in AltaModa in Rome

My trip to Rome continues with this post about Rani Zakhem and his successful first Runway show in Rome during the AltaModa week… The walk to get there was absolutely fantastic, and needless to say the show as enchanting as this beautiful city and definitely full of charming surprises with floating dress, glittery materials, soft materials and many clapping hands and happy faces!

Rani Zakhem On our Way to his Show during AltaRomaWalking to the Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito (where the show happened)

Rani on Our Way to the EventGetting closer to the venue

Rani Zakhem on our way to the Fashion ShowJust some random beautiful Roman art on the streets of Rome

Once we got there, the excitement of the press and the emotion of Rani’s family were both very visible! This is Rani’s first runaway show and everyone seemed very curious and impatient!

Rani Zakhem Right Before the ShowRight Before the Show stared

Here are some of my favourite dresses:

Rani Zakhem Evening Dress in AltaRoma

Rani Zakhem Evenign Dress in AltaModa Rome

Rani Zakhem in Rome

Rani Zakhem Evening Dresses

Rani Zakhem Red Dress in Rome

Rani Zakhem Show in Rome

Rani Zakhem Evening Dress View from the back

And finally the wedding dress! It was cute hearing people behind me saying “Bello! Bello!”

Lebelik on Monocle 24

My father and I always loved Monocle Magazine… We buy the magazines every time there is a new issue and wait for the Meditteraneo and the Alpino releases… So no need to tell you that when they called to interview me for Lebelik I was very happy…

Click on the link below and then on the play button to listen to my intervention on Monocle’s radio.

(Minute 13 to 22)


SARA MELKI Event in the Gathering April 2014

Some weeks ago my very good friend and amazingly talented designer (Sara Melki) proposed her new spring/summer collection to the pub in the trendy “Gathering” expo space…

Today I was supposed to film a small interview with her and waited to see her before I posted this, but since we rescheduled I couldn’t wait to share with you all the pretty things she designed and so finely produced to give to us pleasure for the eye and tenderness to the skin…

Her event took place a couple of weeks ago, and since I loved the collection so much I came the next day to take pictures that I am happily keeping…

Her Spring/Summer 2014 is inspired by her trip to Madagascar where she not only discovered the touristic side of it, but slept in local’s houses, walked in its rustic streets and climbed its mountains to enjoy breathtaking views and probably dream a little too =).

For this collection she used the pineapple as the emblematic figure of her inspiration… Last week she even was wearing a pineapple around her neck and I saw that her “whatsapp” name was followed by one too ! Must be quite an inspiration!! What a Pineapple!! =)

Sara Melki Event in April in the GatheringWhen entering the beautiful exposition room in the Gathering, this is what we first were confronted with… An old Lebanese house full of stylish Sara Melki designs.

IMG_5169The discreet Sara with the small souvenirs she got from Madagascar

Sara Melki My Favorite OutfitMy Favorite Outfit!

Sara Melki on the hangers pretty colors and materialsBeautiful Colors and Materials

Sara Melki Beautiful DressesSara Melki beautiful dresses

Sara Melki Souvenir From Madagascar for her EventSmall Souvenirs she got from Madagascar to embellish the already charming space

Sarah Melki Shorts and Pretty Materials in the Gathering EventBeautiful Shorts and colours 

Sara Melki From MadagascarSouvenir from Madagascar and her emblematic Pineapple

With a lot of love, friendship and proud,


What Your Gym Cloths Say About You

Yesterday, and like every monday and thursday I had a date with 5 amazingly different ladies and a tough coach… The thing about having routines with the same people is that you end up being much more than sports-friends… You end up sharing travel tips, boyfriends’ birthdays gift ideas, dream jobs, stupid intimate stories and a million other weird stuff. You end-up knowing each other’s current and ideal weights, heights, jeans sizes, favourite dresses and travel schedules. But yesterday, and unlike the other mondays, we were in a little psychological mood… I thus walked back home wondering “What do my gym cloths say about me?” and here is what my little research showed…

People who wear neon at the gym:


These people usually like the attention and dress for the attention more than the gym… Chances are, they are the first to be tanned when the sun is still shy, they rarely go to the gym alone, and post pictures on the different social medias on their way to the gym.

Ladies who train with sports bras:


Usually only über fit and confident ladies will dare train with only a sports bra in a big gym… These ladies are often fun and light-hearted as well.

Those who wear shorts and t-shirts:

addidas short and t-shirt

They are usually regulars at the gym, they don’t believe in zumba classes, avoid pilates and prefer to run, play soccer or tennis… They will probably only swim after they hurt themselves.

Those who wear toning sneakers:


They are the lazy ones with big dreams! They are too lazy to work hard, but then again too ambitious to just sit there and do nothing… They are always on a diet, eat “light” chocolate, diet sodas and non-fried-fries.

Those who wear clothes with the name of the class on it:

zumba cloth

Wearing a pair of pants that says “zumba”, a “dance” short or a “run” sneakers says a lot about who the person is. They often are bad at multitasking and want to be the teacher’s favourite student. They probably stand in the front row during classes but are not able to properly follow the instructor.

Women with accessories around their wrist or on their heads:

They often are the naked ones in the locker rooms and the ones with the super big sports bags. They very often are women’s rights activities and have dreams of protecting all the animals of the planet. They could be interesting even though in many cases “tiring” is more the word.

Matching Pants and Sweatshirt:


Very often these ladies are efficient and their everyday attire is likely to be: jeans+ shirt + blazer. They like practical stuff and opt for a sporty chic look as often as possible.

Those who were everyday cloth to the gym:

It shows lack of commitment. Women who train in everyday clothes are most probably not committed to anything they do…

Ladies who train in yoga pants (even when they aren’t training for yoga):

Lululemon Womens Groove Style Fashionable Yoga Pants

They look for comfort. These women are most probably very homie, train because they have to and dress up accordingly because they are just too feminine not to do so.

I guess I am happy to be wearing a small mix of them all,


Sporty Soraya

How To Dress Up this Spring (Top Trends for Spring 2014)

Spring time is for me the happy season. The pharmacies stop selling cold cough pills and focus on tanning oil and after sun creams; the women go from wearing grey to wanting flowers in their hair; the restaurants’  terraces go from having ugly heaters to enjoying the sight of trendy ladies and cute kids; and my friends go from proposing a coffee everyday to suggesting we go shopping soon…

So here is a small overview of what I think my friends will be shopping for based on this spring’s trends:

Bubblegum Pink, Baby Pink, Pop Pink … but Pink!!

Karoline Lang spring/summer 2014 collection 

I loved this feminine trend

African style

Definitely one of my favourite this season! Ethinic cloths are still trendy but this year what’s even more in style is the african style….

Valentino, Spring summer 2014 collection

Akris, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Jessica K, Spring Sumer 2014 Collection

What I liked about Jessica’s pants and top is the mix between the lightness of these pieces, their trendiness and the small detail that reminds us of the ethnic trend.

The Sexy Cotton Shirt

The cotton shirt is no longer only for long business days, school girls and conservative pyjamas… Today it looks sexy and still feels comfortable! What a prefect trend! =)

Alexandre Wang, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Vionnet, Spring Summer 2014

The Chic Sporty Look

A cool trend! It is fun to be trendy, conformable, sexy and cute at the same time…

Balenciaga, Spring Summer 2014 Collection

The cropped top

Karoline Lang has the perfect look for that!  Cute and sexy are the best words to define her pieces.

Karoline Lang, Spring Summer 2014 collection

The Pop Culture Style

Celine, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Jil Sander, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Spring Summer 2014 collection

The Metallic during the day

Metallic colours and lame was revisited this year, to be worn not only for long nights but also for daylights…

Balmain, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Haider Ackermann, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Isabel Marant, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Proenza Schouler, Spring Summer 2014 collection

Oscar de la Renta, Spring Summer 2014 collection. I love it!

Hoping to see you all fashionable ladies soon,


See How They Eat, Tell What They Are…

I love going out for lunch breaks… I think it’s a perfect way to cut the day in two, talk about the first part, fix the morning problems, share a yummy plate or discuss the afternoon plans; I therefore very often end up skipping diner or missing-out on sitting with those I love for a yummy evening meal… Still, I always love watching people ordering their food, and tasting it. I always thought that by watching people from the moment they sit on their chair to the moment they leave, we could tell a lot about who they are… Sometimes all it takes is a diner with a man to know whether or not  the relationship could work. It also takes a lunch to know that this potential business partner is definitely on the “no-no” list…

Here is what to keep in mind:


If someone makes you Soup, they definitely love you.

2. If someone orders in a restaurant everything complicated (with this, without that, etc…); Forget about them, they most probably are complicated in life too and are control freaks. They will want to control you and little details you love in your life.

3. If someone always insists on being the last one to order; they probably don’t how to take decisions on many level.

4. If someone is rude to the bartender, the waiter, the chef or the host, and if that someone is your boyfriend, break up as soon as possible, you’ll be happy you did it sooner rather than better.


If someone feels is an expert in wines, he’s probably a good lawyer and can tell the small differences and notice the interesting shades.

6. If someone feeds you when you are hangover, he/she definitely is a good friend.

7. If someone chews with their mouth open; they think that the rules don’t apply to them and are most probably pretentious.


If someone tries new food, they are fun and up for new experiences. Don’t let them go…

(Most of these info where taken from the Huffington post)

Happily yours,