Many of us women look for that one special magazine that would resume all the big fashion trends, that one exceptional person that will steer us through our little feminine problems, that easy cook book to help us eat with the ones we love after long days and that one particular guide to direct us in our choice of clothing so as to look and feel dazzling at all times…. Well, this blog is for all of us trendy women juggling between all our different roles trying to be the best wife, the most attentive mother, the funniest sister, sexiest girlfriend, smartest employee, most admired boss, most patient professor and/or most dynamic athlete.

Every day is a good occasion to share with all of you a little story I’ve been through or an interesting page I ripped of from a magazine.

For any info, email me at soraya@lebelik.com  or Louise Doumet on the +961 3 844088

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Soraya,
    I have a question on sfouf b debs, you wrote: “Mix the flour baking powder + debs + oil + milk + aniseed together.” what milk?
    when do i add the sesame seeds?

    Thank you :)

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